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krissy <33

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fathers day.. [20 Jun 2004|08:54am]
i've been deadjournal-ing for the past few days..it's hard to keep up with both. anyways..i <33 ebay now. lol. and today is father's day! w0ot. we're having a bbq. well..yesterday wasn't a very productive day..just caught up online a little and went to the store. but THREE people who called yesterday thought i was my mom when i picked up the phone (my grandma, my aunt, and my DAD lol). weirdd. let's see..the new ts last night = boring. the homeowners changed the designer's whole plan! like, what the hell? the designers are supposed to design the room, with a little imput from the neighbors. the neighbors aren't supposed change the whole plan.

ok anyway..i'm gonna go to school tomorrow (last day!) and then we're going to the mall with monica because she's moving ;[ how come everyone moves?

ok, that's about it for now..next time i write an entry in here, i'll be free from school! yay ;]

<33 krissy
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stuff.. [15 Jun 2004|03:43pm]
i'm loving this week's schedule thing. take two finals, and then go home (and eat! lol). awesome ;] and today we got a new entertainment center for our living room! yayy ;] my mom wanted it one place, and the delivery guy was like, "no, it should be here", so then my mom came into the kitchen where i was sitting, and she like made a face, and i was like (loudly, so the dude could hear), "it should be where YOU want it, not where the delivery guy wants it". lol.

yesterday was algebra final (which i think i did good on) and tnt (which i didn't think i did good on, but i saw mr. freda today and he said i got a 95..who knows if that's right or not because he's totally out of it, but maybe it is).

today was bio (pretty hard..because i didnt really study, i kept getting distracted yesterday). then we had gym for 2 hours! i didn't bring sneakers, but they like made us play kickball anyway. (except i didn't kick). our teacher like left, and only the other teacher stayed. it was so boring, me and kaitty left for 10 minutes and walked around the school and i was being very paranoid, lol. thats when i saw mr freda. then they stopped the game 20 min. before the bell rang, so the whole class just left. and then we wondered why some people who were on the honor roll were on it. and then i came home and did nothing. i've been drawing a lot of clothes lately, like we did in fashion design. i guess it was a pretty cool class, after all.

i haven't updated my dj in so long, lol. whatev. (thats my new word, yay!)

i'm gonna re-do my room soon! yayness.

5 more days of school! (although i think i'm only going to 3 of them).

kk bye <3
TLC rocks!!

what i found out... [13 Jun 2004|10:11am]
after much searching (after searching through google, and all search engines known, i still couldnt even find it, but one person from the TS b-boards found out..) carter oosterhouse's birthday is 9/19/76. only a few days after mine..and uh..quite a few years before mine! lmao. ok.

i guess i should start studying for finals..i'm not sure how to study for math or tnt (which are the two finals i have tomorrow). i'm not going to school on friday, because it's just make-up final day, and no one is going to be there. i'll go the following monday, and get my grades for periods 1-4..but i think i might stay home on tuesday too (the last day). if i do, i can go to my little sister's clap out (awww ;]) because she's "graduating" 4th grade, which is the end of elementary school. hehe, i remember when we had a clap out. it seems like not that long ago we were leaving elementary school + going to middle school..and now i'm already done with my first year of high school. time flies when you're..not having fun? lol..there have been some fun times, i suppose.

ts: unglued was on last night...it was funny ;] and there was a little section for carter. i'm surprised they didn't show the glue spill, from like his second episode. haha ;P oh, and his first episode is going to repeat tomorrow! yay ;]

ok i guess that's it for now..
<33 kristen
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quick update! [10 Jun 2004|05:50pm]
just a quick update..been busy-ish lately. finals are next week. saturday i gotta go to a graduation party, so i can't even study on saturday. and then..ughh. i wasn't feeling good today, and i was debating going to the nurse + going home, but then i just stayed. so yea. no cops waiting on the corner of paramus road today like we predicted! lol. kk, i have to go, bye!

<33 kristen
TLC rocks!!

[02 Jun 2004|11:38am]
hello journal.. i finally hung my TS picture thing up! and i also hung this thing up in my closet to keep all my flip flops in (although they dont all fit in it).

i stayed home from school today. i totally forgot about a bio test we had today, and didnt study. i really need to get a good grade on it, so i get a good grade this marking period. and plus, i just didnt feel like going to school. i'm really slacking off..now i'll get points off for my english project. well, its the end of the year, and i should be entitled to slack off like everyone else. lol. i'm such a dorkkkk. and i'm tired of depending on my parents for everything. i can't go anywhere without them having to drive me, and i have no way of making money unless they give it to me. oh, my mom said i could re-do my room this summer, yay! i'm scared i'll screw something up..lol.

yesterday, there was a tornado warning here! seriously, there has like NEVER been a tornado here, not even a warning. but then they said they saw something touch down in oradell or something, and i got soooo scared. but it didnt come here, just a ton of thunder + lightning. but i was watching WYWO, so that made it better ;] evan trying to tackle jason..hysterical!

at this time last year, i didnt want to leave 8th grade. but now it seems like i'm in such a hurry to grow up, and i don't know why. i don't want to, really, but..i just want to get out of this dumb school! i'm tired of it ALREADY..and i've only been there 1 year! 3 more to go..grrr ;[

hmm..i need to do this journal's layout! and i should go finish my drawing for fashion design too. bye!

<33 kristen
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my wierd dream.. [31 May 2004|10:33am]
oh my god, i had the strangest dream last night. usually, my dreams are very uneventful, and not very funny, but i think this one is pretty odd and random. ok, let's see if i can remember:

ok, well this summer, my family and i are going to rent a house in new hampshire, so i was dreaming we were in new hampshire. so we're in this gift shop place or something. so i was walking around, and i dont remember how this happened, but somehow i bumped into carter, from trading spaces. and i said "whoa, hello", except i don't why i said it, because that's his line. then my sister was talking to joe from TSF and then joe bought like a lobster or a crab or something (at the gift shop, lol). then we were going to an ice cream place, and for some odd reason my family was in the car and i was walking, or running i think, and i kept tripping on my shoelaces, it was like, i couldn't run 2 feet without tripping on the laces (i dont know why i didnt tie them, lol). then we got there, and i ordered strawberry ice cream (which is weird, considering i hate strawberry ice cream). then evan (from while you were out) came in and ordered sprinkles, that was it, just sprinkles. then suddenly, leslie (also from WYWO) was the person behind the counter, and she asked me "do you want fries with that?" (we were still in the ice cream place, lol). then my sister came into the ice cream place (i don't know where she was before that) and sat there, eating something. and then i think that was when evan turned into andrew (from WYWO), but i'm not sure if it was andrew or not, because whoever it was, they had like purple hair. and i was walking to go eat my strawberry ice cream w/ my sister, but then i woke up.

lol, i've never had such an eventful dream like that. weirdd. i think i've been watching too much tv ;]

today's memorial day! only 3 more weeks of school ;]

hmm ok..that's it for now.
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2nd entry :] [30 May 2004|05:50pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

hey! wow, livejournal is a lot..i don't want to say "cooler" than deadjournal, but..i'll just say i'm glad i have a livejournal now =] there's so many like Trading Spaces and While You Were Out communities, and there's none on DJ. so..today was pretty fun. tomorrow is my grandpa's b-day, and they came over today and we bbq-ed. lol, we were talking about the randomest things. it's fun to talk with your family sometimes ;]

when my mom and sister went to stop + shop, i asked my sis to see if carter was on the TV guide, but she said he wasn't. someone from the TS message boards said he was or something..but i think they lived in canada. oh well.

new TSF in 10 minutes..gotta go!


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first entry! [29 May 2004|02:11pm]
[ mood | creative ]

hey! this is my first entry in my new journal. i've had my deadjournal for almost 2 years now (it'll be 2 years on monday), and i think it's time for a change. i'm still gonna update that journal, but i also am going to have this livejournal. but, i still haven't decided what to do with it. here are the choices:

1) keep it to myself, have no LJ friends or let any of my "real life" friends know i have it, and just keep this as sort of like a diary for me.

2) not tell any of my "real life" friends (friends from school, etc.) about it, but make some LJ friends. [this option is at the bottom of the list].

3) tell my "real life" friends and my DJ friends about it, AND try to make some LJ friends.

hmm..*thinks*..i dunno. but i just figured i'd start it anyway. i think it's a good time to start a new journal. its the end of freshman year, and i've had my DJ since the end of 7th grade. *remember 7th grade* ewww =P i guess it wasnt such a bad year. just had one of the worst teachers in the history of the world, lol. but 8th grade more than made up for it, it was such a fun year ;]

today, i went on a mini shopping spree =] i need to stop going on shopping sprees with my own money, lol. here's what i bought:
-capris from aero
-2 shirts from aero
-a bunch of little rings from claires
-4 pairs of flip flops from old navy (now i have 16 pairs of flip flops!! *eeek*)

all that stuff cost $70. not bad, but considering i don't have a job..and my bday's not until september (where i'll get more money). oh well. i should save the rest of my money for summer. which is in 3 weeks! yayyy ;]

ok, that's it for now..bye journal!
<33 kristen

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